Sunday, November 10, 2013

Relaunch & Giveaway for 5,000 Likes!

Dear faithful Moss Mountain lovers,

At long last I have decided to begin blogging again! The last few years have come and gone, not without major ups and downs, and I have learned a lot about business, not to mention life!

I want to thank every one of you who has joyfully celebrated my successes, and supported me in all I do, because without your encouragement, I couldn't have continued.

Being a self employed crafter/artist/miniaturist  (and writer!) is not an easy  job no matter what others may say. Many people will never understand why I choose to do what I do, but I have decided that that is their issue, and not mine.

Those of you who, like me ("We happy few," to quote Shakespeare's Henry V), have a passion for the creative, in whatever form, know that to devote your life to anything less sublime would be a complete and utter waste.

Now, enough of this soppy talk. It's time to celebrate 5,000 likes on my Facebook page.  As a thank you to all of my fans, I am giving away a Christmas sheep for the tree! Just click here to be taken to the giveaway. :)

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